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Passionate Marketing Experts

For the past 24 years marketing our own businesses and those of our clients, we have learned what works and what doesn't.  We have learned to focus our efforts in the most efficient of ways to achieve the greatest impact.  For us, that  makes sense and is good value marketing 

Our Analytical Approach

We get to know your business.  We ask questions and we look for answers.  Our results come from streamlining those things which already work, fixing things that should work, and exploring options that might just take your business to a whole new level.  We are focused on results.

Our Success is Your Success

Our marketing business is 100% built upon client referrals.  In fact, you might find it peculiar that a marketing company is so successful without spending a dime on marketing.  The truth is, we are selective in the projects we tackle, as we love challenges and thrive on amazing success stories. Your business could be next.

Our Services

Traditional Media

We design and print traditional physical media marketing pieces.  Our projects have included business cards, flyers, brochures, and even full magazine publications with full Provincial distribution

Website Design and Content

We can build you an online presence.  Not every business needs the same thing from a website.  We tailor what we create to what will work for your business to make you more efficient and profitable

Social Media

Like it or not, social media is here to stay.  Some businesses thrive on it, some should avoid it.  We will help you develop a social media strategy that helps your business only if we believe it will help you

Business Planning

We take an objective look at your entire business and will tell you areas which you can improve upon.  This helps improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase net revenue.  Every business should do this.

Trade Shows and Events

We have attended the largest trade shows in the world.  One of the services we can provide is to help you design your trade show plan, your promotions, and your strategy.  Going to a show with no strategy or measurable goals is a waste of money.

Staff Recruitment and Training

Having the right people for the job is paramount with any business.  We help our clients recruit staff, train staff, and improve staff morale through implementing scripts, processes, and teamwork strategies that really work.

SEO - Search Placement

We were the very first marketer in all of Canada to be trained and certified by Google as a Google Engage Business Marketer.  Our close relationship with Google helps us to stay on top of SEO trends and to consistently rank our clients at the TOP of search results, easily and affordably.  Nobody in Canada does SEO better, nobody.  

*Winner of the 2017 Whitehat SEO Award 

Product Sourcing

We are the ONLY marketing company in Canada who will travel to China, Vietnam, Japan, Mexico, etc. on your behalf and help to negotiate your contracts, work to reduce your costs,  inspect your manufacturing and production, and strengthen your business relationship with your suppliers.  We have been to dozens of factories in Asia, Central America, and South America

Real Estate Consulting

We are the only marketing company in Canada that holds valid provincial licensing to fully represent clients interests in lease negotiations and real estate transactions.  As the number 1 expense of most businesses, and the largest capital investment, this is a significant factor in your bottom line. This is a huge problem for many businesses.

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There are dozens of companies that can build you a website, hundreds of kids who can post on your facebook or twitter, and a ton of media companies that will take your money for ad campaigns that yield zero results.  Only LethbridgeMarketing.com is so confident in our results that we absolutely unconditionally guarantee that we can lower your costs, increase your revenue, improve efficiencies, and make you more net $ in your pocket.


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